Introducing Hypertech Engineering

Hypertech Engineering is a division of Active Plastics Ltd. We are Toolmakers, Precision/ General engineers and Plastic Moulders, committed to providing the very best in customer service.

Our business is already well known for the quality tools produced in the plastic industry. And in recognizing the need for state of the art general machinery we have now broadened our services as a Production Machine Shop – providing a turn-key solution for your engineering requirements.



We have the capability of offering computer aided design ( CAD ) and computer aided machining ( CAM ) solutions. We operate two CNC milling centers – one of which can provide a fourth axis function  for complicated machining operations. Along with the CNC machines we offer Spark Eroding technology, general turning, Milling and surface grinding capacity.

Our team is committed to engineering excellence and will endeavor to meet your requirements whether it be in the product design, toolmaking and generalengineering boundaries. Email Matthew Payne or call us on 07-849 5947.